The Carers Project: A Sanctuary in the City

The Carers Project: A Sanctuary in the City
Imagine how our city would be if we all gave ourselves a bit more time

From the 6th to the 16th of October across Carers and Seniors Weeks, a large scale dome will be constructed at Southbank Spillway which will offer people a quiet moment to reflect on what it means to care for yourself and for others.

Artist Jodee Mundy and designer Stuart Beekmeyer have worked with twenty primary carers in Melbourne to find out what it means to be a carer in our society today.  Through workshops, stories, dairy entries, drawings and phone conversations they have formed an immersive art installation to highlight the role of carers and the importance of care-giving.

The role of a primary carer is sometimes underplayed in our society, but the enormity of this role and the effort expended by individual carers benefits the whole community. Often unpaid, carers are the primary providers of transport, personal care, meals, cleaning services and a myriad of other tasks to the person they assist.

The Dome will be open daily from 12 pm til 8 pm and is a free event.

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