Halloween Costume Dramas? No Thanks

Halloween Costume Dramas? No Thanks

Is it bad that I have bribed my kids with a trip to the supermarket to buy whatever lollies they want instead of dealing with Halloween costume drama...? I think it's a win-win really...

Every year we spend forever going from shop to shop as all three boys get more and more annoyed at the lack of costumes that they like and would actually wear. Sensory issues with scratchy fabric, face paint, wigs and hats all mean that most things get crossed off the list straight away so we all end up frustrated, tired and disappointed. Then we have the added drama of the weather, the walking, the other kids, the crowds and then the all time devastation when a house has run out of lollies - oh the horror!

So I've taken a stand for my own sanity, given the kids a few bucks each and taken them to the supermarket where they can chose the lollies they they like and there is not a costume drama in sight! I actually think it's pretty genius and will probably become our new family tradition.

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