Alix Generous - Ted Talk

Alix Generous - Ted Talk

Alix is a brilliant 22 year old woman with ASD who struggled immensely throughout her childhood, but has worked really hard and with the right help and treatment has done some amazing things.

I've watched this Ted Talk by Alix Generous twice now and really enjoyed it both times so wanted to share it with you all.

I love her dry sense of humour and quick wit.  Her intelligence is impressive and her work, past and present, is inspiring.  Her dream is to help people on the spectrum share their brilliant ideas by removing the communication roadblocks that prevent them from succeeding.

"But the goal of autism-assistive technology is bigger than that, and more important. My goal is to shift people's perspective of autism and people with higher-functioning Asperger's because there is a lot they can do. I mean, look at Temple Grandin, for example. And by doing so, we allow people to share their talents with this world and move this world forward. In addition, we give them the courage to pursue their dreams in the real world, in real time."

Alix Generous

Watch it for yourself here

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