Fidgeting to Focus

Sensory fidget toys are more than just a craze and the latest hype. They have a fabulous purpose for kids with ADHD, OCD, Autism and other sensory and behavioural challenges. Adding some calm and assistance with concentration can do wonders for their school day and make certain environments and situations more manageable.

Can you imagine being overstimulated and hyped up all the time and having to move? How exhausting, stressful and upsetting would it be? This is why fidget toys for kids have become so popular – a safe way to keep them occupied and their hands or even feet busy.

Available in all shapes, sizes, and colours - there’s a different sensory fidget toy depending on your child’s needs. You may also find sensory fidget toys can be an excellent tool for when your young person is upset or frustrated too. It’s all about directing their behaviour calmly and safely.

The benefits of using a Sensory Fidget Toy

Kids can use fidget toys as an essential part of helping them keep their brains occupied and productive or providing a distraction when necessary.

With the array of fidget toys available and one for all sizes and situations, a fidget toy can be an easy yet effective way to help your child settle and stay calm. This means they’re great for kids with anxiety too. And there are many benefits to using a fidget toy:

  • improves concentration and focus
  • gives kids the extra stimulation they desire – by touching and feeling something in a safe way
  • soothing with their repetitive and rhythmic motor patterns
  • emotional regulation
  • helps develop fine motor skills

Your hands don’t get all the fun. There are even fidget toys for your feet too. Who would have thought?

Sensory tools for children with ADHD, Autism OCD and more

When it comes to children with ADHD who find it hard to concentrate, pay attention, or sit still, fidget toys can do wonders. Kids who experience all that essentially feel like they are hyperactive all the time. So let’s help them be productive and occupied safely and calmly with a fidget toy.

By utilising a fidget toy, it gives your child what they need. And if they’re of school age, it can help them filter out all the noise and concentrate on their school work more easily too.

Whereas children with OCD and autism can get distressed more quickly, so they find sensory fidget toys calming and soothing. What a great win/win.

Fidget toys can also be a great option if your child or student needs a brain break at school or home.

Tips for choosing the right Sensory Fidget Tools

When it comes to the wide range of fun fidget toys on the market, we often get asked in-store or via messenger or email what fidget toy is best for my child.

Different fidgets work on different sensory needs, so it depends on your child’s needs. But here are some of the popular ones to make buying fidgets a little less daunting:

Other calming fidgets – fluffy keyrings, pom pom pens, squishy dogs, and metal fidgets.

Quality fidgets vs cheap fidgets

Cheap fidgets are something I feel is essential to talk about, too, as the fidget and sensory toy market has been flooded in the last 12 months with ranges of fidget toys, and like anything, there are varying qualities.

But remember, like most things, you get what you pay for.

So, please be aware when buying fidgets. You’re buying these fun toys for your child to stretch, twist, squeeze and possibly chew. This means quality will play a big part in the safety and longevity of your fidget.

So, when shopping for fun fidget toys to support your child, please choose high quality over cheap fidgets.

Fun fidget toys for all ages

Don’t let kids have all the fun either. Sensory fidget toys are just as useful for adults with ADHD, OCD, anxiety or those who may need a little help concentrating and focusing. And we have the best sensory fidget toys in our online shop, or visit us in person at our Altona North store.


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